Here at Boondocks Hydrographics, we specialize in water transfer printing or Hydrographics.  Hydrographics is a printing technique that is used to decorate 3-D objects.  This can be done on  almost any surface (wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc)…if it can be painted, then it can be “dipped”.   Basically, we take the selected item, prep the surface (prime/base coat & get ready for dipping).  Next we “dip” the item (or submerge the item into the hydrographics machine).  The hydrographics machine is where the “transfer” takes place.  The film selection is laid out on top of the water and an activator is applied to the film.  The activator causes the film to become “liquid-like” so that it can adhere to the object as it is slowly “dipped” into the machine.  After “dipping” the object, it is then rinsed, dried and ready for the “finish”.   In the final stage, your item is sealed with 3 coats of clear (High Gloss or Matte Finish is available).  We use European automotive grade clear (which has a higher UV protectant) to insure maximum protection on all dipped parts.  If necessary, some parts will be wet sanded and buffed to give an ultimate finish. 
With hundreds of film patterns and paint choices, the possibilites are endless! 

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