All Prices are for basic films, base colors etc. Any wood items have to be treated differently and will have additional charges depending on part. Custom built rifles, AR's, custom guns, custom motorcycle work etc. will be priced by quote only.


Pistols ( complete frame and slide ) starting at 135.00
Slide starting at 45.00
Frame starting at 50.00
Rifles ( complete stock and barrel ) starting at 165.00
Rifle stocks ( excluding wood ) starting at 65.00
Shotguns ( complete stock forearm barrel and reciever ) starting at 185.00
Barrel and reciever starting at 90.00
Stock and Forearm ( excluding wood ) starting at 75.00
Scopes ( scope waiver must be signed before any work ) starting at 65.00
Scope rings and mount starting at 40.00


Complete bow ( riser limbs and cams ) starting at 175.00
Risers starting at 65.00
Limbs starting at 50.00
Cams starting at 30.00
additional accessories are by quote only.

Paint ball

Paintball gun ( gun and hopper ) starting at 150.00
Hopper starting at 50.00


All skull prices are for cleaned ready to paint skulls. I also offer the cleaning process starting at 45.00 depending on the condition. Complete cleaning dipping and plaque mounts are also available by quote.

Deer skulls ( skull only no horns ) starting at 65.00
Deer skull Complete ( skull and horns ) starting at 100.00
Gator skulls starting at 85.00
Coyote skulls starting at 45.00
Bear skulls starting at 95.00
Any other skulls are by quote only


All interior prices are by quote only. Starting at 250.00 for complete interior


Metal gas tanks starting at 75.00
Fenders starting at 50.00
Complete is by quote only


Complete quad starting at 400.00


Xbox controller starting at 25.00
PS3 controller starting at 25.00
Wii controllers starting at 20.00

Any other items such as helmets, wheels, or whatever you have in mind to make your own feel free to give me a call. I HAVE DIPPED IT ALL !!!
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Please email us with questions.